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V/I/S/A/G/E is a creative collaboration between Belfast based photographer Carrie Davenport, graphic designer/nightclub promoter Aaron Eakin, carpenter Gareth Martin, Kaizen Print and six of Belfast’s most prominent and prolific Drag Queens. Launching at ArtCetera Studio on Thursday 27th July and exhibiting daily from 11am-5pm until Saturday 5th August, V/I/S/A/G/E comprises of a series of portrait photographs. Each Drag Queen is depicted in both their male and Drag identities, representing the six colours of the rainbow flag. A number of the pieces are rendered on 3D structural canvases which the viewer can interact with. Origins of the term Drag are widely disputed, but it’s believed to be an acronym for ‘Dressed Resembling A Girl’, a theatrical term dating back to Shakespearean plays. More than just fun and colourful entertainers, Drag Queens have been at the forefront of the fight for LGBTQ rights, dating back to the Stonewall riots of 1969. Exhibiting as part of the 2017 Belfast Pride festival, the project’s purpose is to explore, highlight and celebrate an ancient theatrical art form that has evolved from LGBTQ culture to the mainstream. RED: Matthew Cavan / Cherrie Ontop ORANGE: Adam Renshaw / Rusty Hinges YELLOW: Marcus Hunter-Neill / Portia Di’ Monte GREEN: Michael Hillman / Misty Falls BLUE: Joshua Cargill / Blu Hydrangea VIOLET: Robert McCready / Titti Von Tramp V/I/S/A/G/E at ArtCetera Studio, 43 Rosemary Street, Belfast. Launching Thursday 27th July at 7pm. Open daily (except Sunday) from 11am-5pm. In association with The Maverick. Admission free.

That’s So Me!


The Skyway Club is an amazing group to work with. Based in Ballynafeigh Community Development Association the group works with adults with learning diffifculties and physical or mental disabilities on many different projects. I’ve been working with them for many years now and every time the group amaze me with their hard work and energy.

Our latest project was the photographic exhibition “That’s So Me!”, an exhibition featuring large scale portraits of each of the members for a month long display at the ulster Hall group space. The idea behind this portraits was to really capture the personality and quirks that make each person unique and to really capture their great qualities. After a workshop to think of ideas we set up a studio with a stripped back black backdrop so all the focus was on the subjects. The guys were amazing in front of the camera, really giving it their all and I’m so proud of the results.


Colin Men’s Group Photo Exhibition

I love working with the Men’s Sheds as you all know from how often I mention them on facebook and recently I had the pleasure of doing a ten week course with the lads at Colin Men’s Shed. Part of Colin Neighbourhood Partnership, the guys are so enthusiastic and creative and the work they made was truly excellent. All beginners at the start, they worked incredibly hard and we had a great time learning about photography and creating an exhibition. We displayed all the wok at the CNP building in Colin Allotments and now you can check it all out online here too.

Positively Beautiful

I am very honoured to be leading a panel discussion with Katie Richardson of To Be Beautiful as part of Women’s work Festival in Belfast this Sunday March 6th at 4pm!

we’ll look at definitions of beauty in the media and ourselves, unlearning negative habits and truly thinking about what defines us as people not just our outer appearance. come along and join in

more info and registration details here


Young Enterprise Big Market

I’ve worked with YENI for nearly a decade now, in fact they were one of my first freelance clients and I’ve loved working with them on many different projects over that time. They do extremely valuable work with young people of all ages getting them thinking about their futures. The Big Market event saw groups from schools across the country take over St George’s Market for a special one day trade fair and was a huge success, giving students a taste of making some money in a real retail world. Photographing this meant capturing the atmosphere, products and people involved.


Music Photography workshop for the Ulster Hall

Great news – A whole bunch of new courses are starting which I’m very excited about all commencing from Jan 18th some spots left get in touch with each venue to book in


Mossley Mill : Monday nights

Intermediate : Jan 18th 6 weeks 

Intro : March 7th 6 weeks


Antrim Arts Centre : Tuesday nights

Intermediate : Jan 19th 6 weeks 

Intro : March 1st 6 weeks 


Ards Arts Centre : Thursday nights

Intro : Feb 1st 6 weeks


Conway Education Centre : Monday Afternoons

Intro : Feb 1st 6 weeks


AMH Dunmurry

Intro : Feb 1st 8 weeks


Colin Neighbourhood Group

Mens Shed : Jan 21st 8 weeks

Cloona House : Feb 9th 3 weeks

ArtsEkta Nine nights

This event was absolutely beautiful and looked and sounded stunning, such a great time photographing it during Diwali. The story of the event sees the heroine vanquish the evil lord infront of city hall from the back of her giant tiger. Shadow puppetry, fireworks and amazing sound effects all came together for a once in a life time show which was challenging but fun to photograph, a totally unique event.

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