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Hi I’m Carrie, founder of Shoot Positive!




Introducing Shoot Positive – using digital photography to make everyone smile, especially behind the camera!

The idea for Shoot Positive came from my experience working as a photography tutor with organisations and community groups across Northern Ireland. I was a facilitator with the WEA on projects including Man Matters and the Digital Age Project and had the privilege of working with a wide range of groups, allowing me to share my experience as a photographer and teach them new skills which improve confidence and bring groups together. I’ve seen first hand the positive impact learning a new creative skill can have on people’s lives and am passionate about making sure more people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities get the chance to learn. 

Shoot Positive gives people the chance to try a new skill, meet new people and boost their self esteem. It can be to improve skills for work, to learn a new hobby or simply to meet new people. There’s no one reason why people sign up but every class I’ve ever worked with have produced great results and enjoyed learning, some have even set up their own camera clubs and many have kept in touch with me.  They’ve gained qualifications, new skills and had fun doing it. Learning a creative skill is an excellent way to help with mental health issues such as depression and stress, which nowadays too many people battle with. It’s so rewarding to share my own experience from 14 years working as a photographer myself and with the right guidance people can get to grips with a camera and produce amazing results – what’s not to love about that!