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Learning a creative skill has been proven to have a positive impact on mental health and well being. Getting out with a digital camera not only gives us a way to express ourselves creatively, but also the chance to work with others combating isolation and the opportunity to create art and to see the beauty in the world around us. The fundamental idea behind Shoot Positive is that photography can make us all smile, especially behind the camera.



Taking part in a photography course and developing creative potential lets people gain a new level of self esteem, theres no feeling like looking at a great picture and knowing you made it yourself. Being out with a camera is a great way to relax, ease stress and build confidence.

I’ve worked with many groups who have specific needs and found that photography is an accessible skill which really helps people to explore their creative potential.


Digital Photography for Well Being
Any duration
Specifically tailored for groups dealing with learning difficulties, special needs or mental health concerns, focussing on the use of photography for self esteem and confidence building and to provide a new means of creative expression. These courses can be tailored to the groups needs and have a variety of outcomes from exhibitions to books or online displays.