The Skyway Club – Who’s Been Framed?


When I’m asked which of my projects are my favourites The Skyway Club Murder Mystery Exhibition always comes to mind. I met the guys in the Skyway Club through teaching for the WEA and long after the course had finished we were still in touch planning new projects and coming up with ideas. The Who’s Been Framed exhibition was undoubtedly our best one yet. Shot in the Culloden Hotel, the members of the group planned the stories behind their characters and their costumes and it was up to me to light them and capture the right mood! The clue to who did it is in the first image and at our display on Culture Night we invited guests to guess who the murderer was and get their own photos taken for our evidence board! We were overwhelmed by the response with over 200 visitors in 2hours! The exhibition has now ran 3 times, at Culture Night 2012, in the Ulster Hall and again for a month at Arts and Disability Forum. We can’t get over the reaction it gets every time so here’s the full set of photos for you to have a go yourself! (spoiler alert – the last photo is the arrest!)